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Strangely Interactive Ltd
Strangely Interactive is a self-funded, independent game studio with a penchant for spaceships. We are a small, multi-national team of science-fiction enthusiasts and former modders, currently working on our first commercial title.
We initially banded together as a modding group for games like Homeworld and Nexus years ago. Eventually the team drifted towards UnrealEngine-based development, which earned us multiple awards and helped many of us land jobs at industry-leading studios.

We are working towards releasing our first commercial product, the first game in the Angels Fall First universe. We definitely take our time when it comes to development - but working only in our spare time has so far let us fund the project out of our own pockets. We have been staying under the radar and steering clear of external pressure and drama often associated with indie dev. However, our ultimate goal is to provide ambitious games that you will enjoy playing as much as we enjoy building.

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