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At Stunlock Studios we value passion, diversity and loyalty.
Located in the quiet snow-covered streets of Skövde, Sweden. Founded in 2010 by a group of enthusiastic gamedev students, joined together in their mutual worship of competitive gaming. Dreaming loud and together building one of Scandinavia's finest game studio to date.

There are twenty-five developers in our highly efficient team, each gifted with their own unique skill-set. We have a great sense of togetherness and the majority of our team has been with us from the beginning.

At Stunlock Studios we value passion, diversity and loyalty. There are ongoing discoveries in every corner and we're eager to hear about them. Open communication is important to us. Your opinion truly matters. Since we spend most of our days behind the desk, we schedule a weekly workout session together. We stay fit, to stay sharp!

Our playfully decorated office is the ideal room for creative fireworks. The perfect place for both starting a career in the game industry as for showcasing your experience.


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