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Targem Games
Targem Games, founded in 2002, is the largest PC and console game developer company in the Urals region in Russia.
In 2014, the studio released two brand-new projects. ‘Star Conflict’ is a free-to-play space action for Windows, Mac and linux with support of a VR display device Oculus Rift. ‘Etherlords’ is a 3D game for mobile platforms with epic battles and utterly amazing creatures — it's a novel mix of strategy and fast-paced action.

Another project approaching release day is ‘BlazeRush’ — a top-down vehicular combat game.

Among the released games of the studio are the series of trucking simulators Hard Truck, a car action game Sledghammer, a third-person shooter ‘Swarm’ (MorphX on XBOX360), an arcade racer ‘Armageddon Riders’ for PC and PS3, a Codemasters-licensed project ‘Insane 2’, a chess strategy ‘Battle vs Chess’, a cartoon-styled strategy ‘Planets Under Attack’ and other projects.

Most of the studio's game projects are built on an in-house Hammer Engine supporting Windows, Linux, Mac, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Among the company's recent endeavours are development of ‘BlazeRush’ for PSN and Steam, as well as the release of a major update for ‘Star Conflict’ — an ‘Invasion’ mode where players can explore the world and marvel at the sights of the Universe.

The studio‘s office is located in Yekaterinburg — the scientific, industrial and cultural centre of the Urals region. The city’s outskirts also boast several mountain ski resorts: Uctus, Volchiha, Ezovaya and Pilnaya. The Ural mountains, that separate Europe and Asia, are known as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Russia. We host regular corporate events next to picturesque lakes, pine forests and snowy mountainside, well-known for their unqiue Urals beauty.

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