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Tate Multimedia is a Polish independent developer and a leading game publisher in the area of electronic entertainment. Since 2000, Tate Multimedia has been successfully operating in most European and North American markets, as well as in Japan and China.
Owing to games developed by Tate Multimedia and expertise in the gaming market, the company receives numerous accolades and is ranked high among game publishers worldwide.

Since its creation, the company has co-authored titles for the largest publishers such as Atari or Koch Media. The cooperation resulted in games such as i.a. “My Horse and Me 2,” “Asterix and Obelix”, “Lucky Luke”, “Titeuf” and “The Saddle Club.” Excellent knowledge of the global market allows Tate Multimedia to maintain close partnerships with major players in the sector (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo).

In Poland, TM has gained particular popularity with the game series “KAO the Kangaroo”. The project has been a dazzling success and a response to the shortage of games addressed to the youngest players. The sales volume has amounted to over 700,000 copies so far, and in 2004, the title became the best game for children in Poland.

A breakthrough in the company’s history came when TM made an effort to become an independent publisher. “Urban Trial Freestyle” was the first title created from scratch by Tate Multimedia and published independently. The game was released in 150 countries for the following platforms: Sony (PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3), PC, Nintendo 3DS and mobile (iPad i iPhone). Over one million copies have been sold. In September 2016, “Urban Trial Freestyle” was released by Sony China for the platform Sony PlayStation Vita as the only title in 2016.

Tate Multimedia is a team of top-class professionals with many years’ experience, who previously participated in well-known projects. On the other hand, all team members have a passion for what they do. Tate Multimedia operates according to the “house of ideas” model on an everyday basis, which means that it continually seeks out new and daring projects, and intends to produce and publish independently those that are closest to company values.

Tate Multimedia is currently working on a new projects. They will stand out thanks to their remarkable artistic sensibility, a unique design and unconventional, innovative approach. Most centrally, however, they will continue to give great joy to game players worldwide.

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