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The Game Kitchen
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The Game Kitchen
We create meaningful gaming experiences for PC, consoles and mobile devices. We're a small indie studio based in Seville (Spain).
Background history
Long before The Game Kitchen was born, its founders met each other and began learning how to make games. It was just a hobby at first; we had jobs somewhere else. Back then, we called ourselves "Nivel21 Entertainment". We made a few game prototypes and entered them into contests. The most remarkable one was "Rotor'scope: The Secret of the Endless Energy", which was awarded "2nd Prize" in DreamBuildPlay 2009.

Early days
After the moderate success of Rotor'scope, we found the strength to quit our boring jobs and create our own company, The Game Kitchen. For the first two years, we did contract work for other companies and game studios, including ports of existing games, educational titles and serious games.

Today, we're totally focused on crafting and bringing to life meaningful gaming experiences, mostly in the field of what is commonly known as indie games. After a couple of failed attempts, we created our first indie hit: The Last Door, a point-and-click horror adventure game that consists of eight episodes spread across two seasons. It was released for web browsers, PC (Windows, Mac and Linux), Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The development of the first five episodes was funded through separated crowdfunding campaigns.

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