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The Logic Factory

The Logic Factory, Inc. is an award-winning video game development company responsible for Ascendancy (1995), a turn-based science fiction strategy game for the PC (winner, Best Strategy Software,1996, as awarded by the Software Publishers Association, CODIE Awards), The Tone Rebellion (1997), and a few other projects.

The company has been working on an online RPG known as Seeker. Both Seeker and Ascendancy 2 use TLF's "Hydra" 3D engine. "Hydra" is a package of developer resources created by The Logic Factory team to create their brand-new 3D games.

Seeker will use a new "episode" download, in which the user may purchase download new "episodes" off the internet when they are released. This allows the developers to see how the users react and make changes to the new episode.

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