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Wish Studios
We create fun, meaningful, original experiences that bring people together.
What this means to us is that a significant part of the design process happens before we put anything into software.

We brainstorm, we prototype, we generate ideas… and then we brainstorm again! We value the opinion of everyone on the team and we’re not afraid to scrap something that isn’t working and get back to the drawing board.

We provide our team with an inspiring space where artists, programmers, audio designers, producers and game designers can meet and exchange thoughts on design, putting concepts through a critical but fair process before they make it into a game.

But that’s not the end of the process. As the game comes to life, we’re tough on it. We review daily, fine-tune, adjust and of course, play it to ensure we do everything we can to convert the products of our imaginations into real, enjoyable games.

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