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We are a fully distributed team - and we like it - working from 10 different cities around the world, spanning 6 different time-zones across 4 Continents! Our structure allows us to develop a unique company culture with compelling work conditions.
Wolfeye leadership includes Raphael Colantonio (Founder, and former Creative Director at Arkane Studios) and Julien Roby (former Executive producer at Arkane Studios). We worked on games such as Dishonored, Prey (2017) and Arx Fatalis; We have proven passion for immersive games that feature original worlds and strong audio. With WolfEye, we’re pushing our passion further and go deeper with the simulation and gameplay possibilities by focusing on interactions more than we ever did in our past games. We value bold art direction and stylized graphics. Simplified visual production pipeline allows us to be more agile and focus on what really matters: player experience as a whole. We want players to live their own adventures in rich simulated worlds that respond to actions and decisions in ways that is unique to each playthrough.

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