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Zero Point Software
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Zero Point Software
Zero Point Holding A/S is a developer of games and game related technologies located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The team at Zero Point Software includes some of the best talents in the industry.
We strive to create immersive and compelling gameplay experiences using the full potential of both single and cooperative gameplay that appeal to both hard-core and casual gamers alike.

Zero Point Software is currently working on INTERSTELLAR MARINES, a AAA, FPS, Sci-fi, action and adventure game with an original and unpredictable storyline featuring single and cooperative game play, with heavy focus on realism. INTERSTELLAR MARINES will be a pleasant surprise to the massive sci-fi Community: a cinematic game experience in a complex intriguing world, fascinating in detail and ambience, intelligent plot & storyline, nerve-wrecking game-play and a high level of unpredictability and re-play value.

The mission of Zero Point Software is “for the love of the game”. For the love of the game is the ultimate driver for developing INTERSTELLAR MARINES. The strategy of Zero Point Software is AAA Indie inviting the gamers to join the INTERSELLAR MARINES Community and thereby support the development of the ultimate Sci-fi AAA game.

Zero Point Software A/S is already well-known in the international game Community. Thanks to an innovative and open marketing strategy, and a clearly defined niche in the gaming market, INTERSTELLAR MARINES has already received overwhelming attention from publishers, gamers, and the gaming press. When ZPS launched its first teaser-trailer for INTERSTELLAR MARINES, the reaction was impressive: an estimated 3 million downloads has been made since the release.

The launch of the INTERSTELLAR MARINES Community is expected to create huge interest in the market and to take Zero Point Software one step further towards launching INTERSTELLAR MARINES.

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