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Space Hulk Deathwing


Focus Home Interactive präsentiert 17 minütiges Gameplay aus der Kampagne

Wenn du einen ersten Eindruck zur Solo-Kampagne von Space Hulk: Deathwing bekommen möchtest, schau dir das kürzlich veröffentlichte Video von Publisher Focus Home Interactive an.

EIne offizielle Beschreibung des Soloteils kannst du hier nachlesen:
In the solo campaign you play as a Librarian of the Dark Angels' 1st Company, the Deathwing, taking on swarms of Genestealer in the Space Hulk Olethros with Storm Bolter and Force Sword in hand. The Librarian is a Psyker, granting him access to powerful psychic abilities such as chain lighting, a powerful lightning bolt, which arcs between multiple enemies; and Shockwave, which blasts enemies back from you. You will need to utilize the full armory of the Deathwing company, your powerful psychic abilities, as well as the squad members under your command to fend off the xenos threat.


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