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Clockwork Bird

Clockwork Bird is a game studio founded by James Patton and Daniel Adams, two oddball indies making offbeat narrative games. We want to make you think about the world differently, make you feel, make you laugh, and explore what it means to be human.

Clockwork Bird is founded on the principles of respect, transparency, and fairness. That means honest and frequent updates for our fans, respectful and uplifting communication at all levels, and no crunch.

James Patton
If you know me, it’ll be from Spinnortality, that cyberpunk management sim I made! My background was originally in English Literature, but I’ve also been making hobby game projects since I was, like, 12, and that was the first one that was polished enough for me to sell.

I’m a bit of a nerd, love cats, and I’m interested in story games and the work of Ice Pick Lodge and Inkle. I live in Vienna, which has a lovely gamedev scene.

Daniel Adams
My path to making video games has been a long and winding one. If you know me or my work, it’s probably from my time as an analog story game designer and my game “Stardust” (winner of the 2016 200 Word RPG Challenge) or “The Sin Eater” (Winner of the 2016 Spooky Game Design Competition). I’m currently working to complete a Master’s Degree in Game Studies and Engineering at Alpen Adria Universität.

I’m a major homebody and would rather sit down with a nice game and cup of tea than just about anything else in this world. I live in Graz with my partner and my pupper.

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