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Established in 2005, IGG was founded with the aim of becoming a leading massively multiplayer game publisher and developer. With over 20 million users, 17 games released and a plan to release a further 11 games during 2010, IGG has established itself as one of the leading companies in the field today.

In December 2007 IDGVC, a world renowned venture capital firm decided to invest in IGG. Since then IGG has gone from strength to strength.

After receiving critical acclaim for client-based games such as ‘Tales of Pirates’ and ‘Wonderland Online’, IGG has now become a household name for users who demand quality content, as well as quality service.

Continuously improving, IGG has already took a step into the browser based and SNS games market. Further plans to expand in this area during 2010 are already underway.

IGG encourages respect, dialog, cooperation and most of all, a deeper understanding between IGG and its users than is common with online gaming companies. Being one of only a few companies to offer this, our 24 hour 7 days a week live support service emphasizes this commitment. By this and through this IGG provides a unique way for improving its products, understanding the market and creating an environment to give great ideas a chance to thrive.

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