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Moonbite Games & Animation is an European company. The headquarters are located in Santiago de Compostela and there are also branches in Madrid and Barcelona.

Moonbite’s team has double experience producing multiplatform videogames (Playstation3, Wii, Xbox360, iPad/iPhone, PC, Mac, etc.), and 3D animation for feature films.

Final outcome: a team with an artistic profile and the technical knowledge of the limitations and working formats in videogames.

Moonbite is acquainted with innovation and with the capacity to face challenges in a resolving manner.

We work applying new technologies and leading processes, always in touch with research, taking part in RDI projects hand in hand with Spanish Universities namely The Complutense University of Madrid or University of Santiago de Compostela among others. These joint research processes allow the design of new lines of work and new production processes (such as render GPU) which lead to saving time and money when making a production.

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30.01.2015 Arcade-Shooter


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