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UTV True Games was founded in January 2008 by Jeff Lujan on the premise that online gamers deserved better. The first order of business for delivering a high-quality player experience was to partner with a world-class developer. In February, UTV True Games and Petroglyph Studios committed to work together on a new kind of micro-transaction based MMO. By May, renowned European publisher, GOA shared the vision and committed to work with UTV True Games. In August, UTV, a global media and entertainment company based in India, not only partnered with UTV True Games but made a major equity investment. UTV True Games is based in Orange County, California and released its first title, Warrior Epic, in May 2009. Its second game, Mytheon, is due to be released in Q1 2010.

"The Internet changes everything." Although this observation has become cliché, it certainly describes the video game space.

Years of retail boxes and subscription pricing models are giving way to the convenience and flexibility of online distribution and micro-transactions. Ever expanding bandwidth and constantly improving system specifications have given millions of new players access to interactive entertainment. Unfortunately, a quick survey of available games will show that the industry's chief response has been a plethora of poor-quality free-to-play games and an unremarkable parade of titles that are stuck in the outdated retail model.

The conventional industry thinking is that players get what they pay for and that companies can't afford to deliver a high-quality game experience in a free-to-play model. Simply stated, we don't buy it.

Our mission is to deliver AAA social games to a free-to-play world. We believe players recognize quality. We believe that players deserve quality. We believe that players will happily pay for quality. We are a pure-play online publisher. We partner with the best developers and global publishers on the planet to focus on high-quality player experiences from the first website visit to the last quest.

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