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Festive Finds: Happy Holidays Calendar
Imaginary Friends Games LLP
Imaginary Friends Games LLP
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November 13, 2022 - 13:30:03 Europe/Berlin (24 days ago)
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November 13, 2022 - 13:30:03 Europe/Berlin (24 days ago)
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28. Nov. 2022


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Festive Finds: Happy Holidays Calendar
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Step into a snowy scene where a rustic house hides 24 ?spot the difference? puzzles behind numbered doors ? open each door in order, and get spotting! You?ll need a keen eye, because some of those festive finds are fabulously fiendish!

You might like to open one door per day from the start of December, or ?sleigh? them all in one short, sweet spotting session. The choice is yours!


  • Warm and gentle festive vibes
  • 24 relaxing ?spot the difference? puzzles ? no time limits, and no stress!
  • Hand-drawn art with smiling snowmen, cozy carollers and other winter wonders
  • Chill soundtrack of joyful lo-fi beatz, including some instrumentals of traditional tunes and an original song!
  • Just right for playing daily, or all in one go if that?s your jam
  • Perfect to play together with friends and family!