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Chores of Corruption
Black Hare
Black Hare
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September 26, 2023 - 20:59:47 UTC (72 days ago)
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November 13, 2023 - 08:30:35 UTC (24 days ago)
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25. Sep. 2023


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Chores of Corruption
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One day you are living your happy toaster life, then corruption takes over and transforms the entire household into Hell! Your only option - equip a variety of weapons and defeat hordes of enemies while escaping from home.
Defeat wave after wave and equip weapons and items along the way. Collect experience and choose upgrades carefully to create powerful builds.


  • Quick and casual runs
  • Achievement based progression unlocking new characters, weapons and items
  • Auto-aiming weapons
  • Multiple playable characters with unique traits and playstyles
  • Diverse bosses with unique mechanics
  • Corruption system altering gameplay
  • Variety of weapons and items
  • Supports mouse, keyboard and gamepads

Early Access Content

  • 1 stage featuring 7 layouts
  • 6 playable characters with unique traits and playstyles
  • 2 unique bosses
  • 23 unique monsters
  • 51 items
  • 17 different and upgradeable weapons
  • 11 character traits that upgrade characters and weapons
  • 80 achievements

This is the content the early access will start with and will be expanded on until the final release.

Please note that your progression in the game is tied directly to your achievements so even without Steam Cloud Save, you will be able to play on any PC/Steamdeck and keep your progress synced automatically.

Choices matter

After every wave you can select between three cards that can be new weapons, passive items or upgrades to your existing arsenal. Most cards directly influence future selections as the available card pool expands or shrinks into various directions.

E.g.selecting a Weapon Upgrade card will introduce additional duplicate weapons to the current run, enabling a level of control to your future selections. Don't be shy to ReRoll offers every now and then as you have plenty of opportunities to refill your ReRolls over time.