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Lost Puzzle: City
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September 26, 2023 - 21:00:53 UTC (72 days ago)
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November 15, 2023 - 15:33:36 UTC (22 days ago)
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5. Sep. 2023


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Lost Puzzle: City
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In a small, sunny town on an island, nothing portended trouble: people worked, walked, drove somewhere, and just swam in the ocean. But at the snap of someone's fingers, everything changed: several objects, from cars to garbage cans, disappeared just like that.

Lost Puzzle: City is a 3D puzzle game in which you will have to place some items from the list where they belong. Look for clues in the environment, scrutinize every street and don't forget: it's not as easy as it seems at first sight!

Game Features:

- Large and detailed location

- Nice low poly graphics

- Relaxing soundtrack