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Cy: Cyberpunk Survivors Demo
Morgan Caraway
Eldritch Tentacles Games
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PC Linux
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September 26, 2023 - 21:04:23 UTC (72 days ago)
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November 16, 2023 - 10:18:24 UTC (21 days ago)
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6. Okt. 2023


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Cy: Cyberpunk Survivors Demo
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This demo version contains the first mission of the full game, which will be released later this year. Wishlisting the full game is a big help to us!

Cy is a psionic superhero on a mission to save the last, scattered remnants of humanity. She is battling alone against hordes of zombies, mutants, and killer robots with only her ever-evolving mental powers to protect her. Will she survive the sinister onslaught or is she destined to become just another victim of an evil, unfathomable intelligence?

Cy is a retro arcade roguelite action shooter inspired by Vampire Survivors and other reverse bullet hell, roguelite/roguelike survivor-likes (Spellbook: Demonslayers, Rogue Genesia, and Nomad Survival are some other faves) and the streamlined and open-ended upgrade system is influenced by action RPGs like the Diablo series, Grim Dawn, and Last Epoch.

"I fell in love with video games at first sight, over 45 years ago. I began creating Cy because I ran out of things I wanted to play. This is a game made by a lifelong gamer for gamers everywhere." - Morgan Caraway

Cy: Cyberpunk Survivors is a frenetic action roguelite featuring:

? Fast-paced combat against hordes of enemies including five types of mini-bosses.
? Devastate your foes with incredible psychokinetic superpowers.
? Casual gameplay.
? Crisp, retro pixel graphics and ever-changing music.
? A deep, ARPG inspired upgrade and stat system.
? Epic boss fights.
? Each mission has a different objective.
? Will include a horde mode once development is done.

Community input is important to us. Please make bug reports or feature requests on our discord server or on the community page.