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Case Guardians
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Case Guardians
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Case Guardians is a multiplayer co-op game where you team up with your friends to protect a briefcase from the enemies' hands. The enemies, made from everyday items, want that case so they can access the documents inside, which will grand them with the information how to make more enemies like them.

Hide the briefcase

Find a good, safe spot to hide your case, making it tough for enemies to get to. Use weapons and furniture to protect it. But be careful! If the case health hits zero, you lose, and the enemies learn how to make more of themselves! Upgrade your weapons with the money your earned by killing the enemies, because the are becoming stronger each wave!

Make some walls with furniture

You have the power to make walls using furniture. Just watch out ? enemies can break those walls. But here's a cool thing: when enemies gets defeated, they leave behind new furniture. So, if your walls break, no worries! You can use the new furniture they drop to build them back up!

Wipe them out!

Call your friends for help. And wipe the enemies out. Each enemy have different mechanics be careful what they are doing. Some can place bomb, shoot you, come and melee fight you.. and much more!