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BABAVA's Playspace
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December 04, 2023 - 04:45:01 UTC (83 days ago)
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December 04, 2023 - 04:45:02 UTC (83 days ago)
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BABAVA's Playspace
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About game

BABAVA's Playspace is a horror adventure with puzzle elements, in which you will play as a police officer Jonathan Whitehead, who finds himself involved in an unusual case, because...

The kids are missing!

And in this clearly somehow involved in the management of the amusement park, but the disappearances do not stop even after the arrest of the management. The police have given up, but our hero does not intend to give up - because his child is also missing and it is clearly something to do with the ...

BABAVA's Playspace

It is a monstrously delightful amusement park that will make your guts shake with joy*! A sea of exciting adventures and puzzles, both for babies and older kids. Here you will be able to do anything - parents won't know, it will be our little secret. And if you play well, you can win ....
*Don't forget to bring wet wipes and a large bag.

A unique gaming console!

Advanced development of our engineers. It's not just a game console - a little soul lives in each console, it is just like you, my little friend, can think, worry, communicate and will gladly play with you. Be smart, because only once a year we play a lucky chance to become close friends with...

BABAVA?s best friends!

They are real heroes, they have real intelligence in their heads, they are still just learning to be like us, but they already know a lot. Don't forget to say hello when you meet them. Just don't look them in the eye, they don't like it.

Now it's time to test your skills and wits. Welcome to BABAVA's Playspace.