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Starlight Legacy
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Forge your own legacy!

Starlight Legacy is a non-linear RPG inspired by the classics! Set in a post-medieval world in the Evaria Kingdom, explore a vast kingdom created with beautiful 2D pixel art graphics, with an exciting turn-based battle system, and a non-linear story where the four provinces of the kingdom can be explored in any order of your choosing after finishing the opening prologue.

In Starlight Legacy, the four provinces in the Evaria Kingdom have lived in peace and prosperity for decades, thanks to the Eternity Tree that enriches and purifies the soil, water, and air of the entire kingdom. For historical reasons the education of magic has been banned in the Sky Province since the end of the previous war. This has caused unrest in the Sky Province, leading to the rise of a separatist movement to liberate the Sky Province from Evaria.

The warriors Ignus and Teryl, hailing from the Forest Province, embark on a quest to deliver a sword requested by the king. Shortly after Ignus and Teryl embark on their journey, a devastating attack by the separatists on the Eternity Tree causes it to whither away, threatening the livelihood of the entire kingdom. King Lennox tasks Ignus and Teryl, joined by another warrior Frida, to find the four Relics of Eternity to restore the Eternity Tree in order to bring back peace and prosperity to the kingdom. However, Ignus, Teryl, and Frida soon realize that restoring the Eternity Tree alone won?t end the conflict with the Sky Province, and that the world isn?t as black and white as they once thought?

A seamlessly connected world
Explore the Evaria Kingdom from one town to another, with no loading screens in-between outdoor maps!

A non-linear story
After the prologue in the Forest Province is cleared, explore the four provinces in an order of your choosing!

Enjoy turn-based RPG battles
Enjoy a turn-based battle system using weapons, magic, and items!