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March 13, 2023 - 17:30:39 UTC (7 days ago)
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March 13, 2023 - 17:30:52 UTC (7 days ago)
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In PUNT, gravity is at your fingertips -- discover the abilities of the E.M.M.A. in this new and innovative first-person puzzle platformer running on the Source Engine!

January 1st 2000:

It's the turn of the century, and Lt. Daniel Tekashi of the United States Air Force has been sent to assess Harmonic's newest industrial workforce innovation: the E.M.M.A.

Don't Let Gravity Get You Down:

The Environmental Mass Manipulation Apparatus is an all-in-one -- one-man -- heavy-duty lifting machine, capable of picking up and flinging heavy objects (and its user) across great distances with ease. She's not just efficient, she's the E.M.M.A.!

Try Before You Buy:

Traverse through Harmonics' increasingly complex quality assurance course to test the E.M.M.A. and its equally mind-bending line of compatible cuboid devices.

Steam Workshop Support:

Workshop support is planned to be implemented shortly after release -- stay tuned for new puzzles and other community driven experiences.

Welcome to Harmonics -- bringing you the America of tomorrow, today! Coming 2023.