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Kriaturaz - O Guardi?o das Lendas (Base)
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March 14, 2023 - 12:55:53 UTC (353 days ago)
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18. März 2023


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Kriaturaz - O Guardi?o das Lendas (Base)
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First things first. This is a Open Source Game, was building with all brazilian money (tax found) by brazilian government initiative. We understand that is fair to release a base version practically free for a period of time. in respect for all that can and can`t buy a game. Tks all Brazilian to help a dream come true (tks disney for slogan), tks government to provide this.

The Lord of Imbalance gains strength every day, and the world of legends could collapse by merging to the human world and you are the only one who can control the balance and become the Legends? Keeper. Take care of a unique and special creature, battle against the minions of the Lord of the imbalance and ensure that the World of Legends and the World of Humans live in harmony, under the protection of the Lord of Balance! In Kriaturaz game, you can control and take care of a creature inspired by folklore and Brazilian urban legends from a completely lower level (little) for it to evolve and become a Keeper of Legends. For this you must feed it with Brazilian regional food and battle against other creatures that were corrupted by the Lord of Imbalance.

In this incredible game in full 3D that blends Battles per Turn and RPG (Level up, "drop " items and adding points and attributes based on XP ), you will, throughout his journey, explore each Brazilian region, solving "quests" and facing enemies so that the world of legends does not collapse with the human world.

Kriaturaz is a game that presents the myths and the Brazilian legends in an unprecedented way and brings characters that are part of a new concept of legends, myths and Brazil folklore, conducted from a survey designed for more than 5 months and made up of more than 300 Brazilian legends, which makes Kriaturaz an innovative game.

This base version have an adventure about our Hero and we are open to feedback, to share your ideas and publish them as DLC. Feel free to help, expand and share all for all