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DK Online
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April 11, 2019 - 11:20:42 UTC (1439 days ago)
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March 19, 2023 - 17:12:48 UTC (1 days ago)
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5. März 2019


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DK Online
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?DK(Dragon Knights) Online' is Classic 3D MMORPG.

Based on the history of Europe, the Middle Ages, this game aims to realize 'the Middle Ages fantasy world realistically'.

DK Online allows players to customize their characters by selecting the race and its specific classes.
Players can immerse themselves in PvP, transformation into diverse monsters, and item reinforcements for endless hours of entertainment. In-game guilds and massive castle siege battles are also available for those who prefer playing as a team.

Especially, DK online has high-quality graphic compared to the specification
by the detail of the original art, reduced the unnecessary polygons,
also requires less client & patch size than other MMORPG titles.

We hope you to enjoy most well-made classic MMORPG soon.

*Before the game starts, kindly note that:
-If the game cannot be launched because the game is crashing, please turn off anti-virus software programs such as Trend Micro and start again.
-Should install DirectX 9 for launching DK Online.