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Beat the Rhythm VR
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April 11, 2019 - 11:25:34 UTC (1439 days ago)
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March 19, 2023 - 17:17:08 UTC (1 days ago)
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11. Nov. 2023


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Beat the Rhythm VR
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Are you ready to become a beatmaster in the ultimate VR rhythm game?

Unlimited content:

  • Music produced specifically for this game, with gameplay handcrafted by the developers - always perfectly on the beat
  • Any osu! beatmap, which means: High quality player generated content and a huge selection of music to play with (12K+ songs)
  • Any song you like from your local drive or YouTube, with our procedural beatmapping (supported file formats: mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, flac, wav, wma, opus)
  • Create handcrafted maps for your own music, and share with other Beat the Rhythm and Holodance players

Play in four different disciplines:

  • Using your bare fists to punch the drops, tracing Sliders, spinning them Spinners?
  • Using laserblades to slice those drops?
  • Using laserguns to shoot evil drones (or balloons if you prefer)?
  • Rhythm Archery - for the clubbing sci-fi elves amongst you.
... until you master them all!

How will you play?

  • Zen-like solitary: Just you and the music, zero distraction
  • Asynchronous competition: Leaderboards in various categories, challenge-me feature
  • Cooperative multiplayer: Master the maps together with your companions
  • Competitive multiplayer: Beat the best to be the best, bending the limits of time and space

Audio-reactive Environments

We call the engine we're using for Holodance and Beat the Rhythm Synesthetic VR - because we want to create an experience of Synesthesia. So the environments visualize the music.

Trippy Game Modes

Whether you want to enter a psychedelic experience with color varying color saturations, hue-shifts, strobe-lights and special combo Bullet Time events, or you want to control time altogether with your movement in Time Dilation - there simply is no other Virtual Reality rhythm game that offers this kind of flexibility. Well, except our own Holodance, of course - but with Beat the Rhythm we focused on just the rhythm and left the dragons to those who really want to dance with them.