6thsense.eu Mod
Name: 6thsense.eu Mod
Spiel: Armed Assault
Autor: sickboy
Website: http://www.6thsense.eu/
Nexus Mod:
Download: soon


Download Version:

-6thsense.eu ArmA Mod v1.10 FULL
-6thsense.eu ArmA Mod v1.24 FULL (new Version)

Eine Zusammenstellung vieler Addons von Armed Assault, zusammengeschnürt zu einem Paket. Den Inhalt und die Changelog listen wir noch mit auf. Eine ausführliche Readme liegt bei.
Readme's are included in the Readmes folder. Credits to the rightful owners of these addons. (If anyone seems left out or if there is data incorrect, please excuse me and accept my apologies. Please let me know by E-mail and it will be fixed!)
Works with ArmA Versions

Sprache: Multilingual / Mehrsprachig
Spielversion 1.24: > ArmA v1.09 BETA

Install Help
  • Install this mod Directly into your ArmA installation folder
  • Startup ArmA Any of the following ways:
  • Use shortcuts in the Windows StartMenu? Group: 6thSense.eu ArmA
  1. (In ArmA Launcher, do not forget to fill in passwords for servers if needed, in Options, Servers)
  2. Use Kegetys ArmA_Launcher located in the @6thSenseMod\tools folder, directly
  3. Add behind the armed assault shortcut: -mod=@6thSenseMod
  4. It should look like this, mind the quotes:
  5. "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe" –mod=@6thSenseMod
  6. If you have multiple mods, spread them with semicolon, e.g: mod=@marpat;@6thSenseMod
  7. You can also add -nosplash for fast starting your game without all the intro crap.

Project Status


Inhalt und Features

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