Conflict on Corellia Mod
Name: Conflict on Corellia Mod
Spiel: Armed Assault
Autor: danelectro_dc
Nexus Mod:
Download: soon


Conflict on Corellia Mod v1.0 - Ein "Star Wars" Mod von danelectro_dc
Conflict on Corellia Mod v1.0 by danelectro_dc

This mod includes several weapons and sounds from the star wars galaxies, plus 2 new skins done by me and a swoop bike from JK3.

The addon includes several new weapons from the star wars universe(DL44, Defender, DH17, Scout blaster, DH17S, IR-5, DL18, EE3, DLT20, E11, laser carbine, laser rifle, nyms carbine, LD-1, Beam rifle, disruptor rifle, T21.), 2 new character skins (swoop bike gangster and corsec agent).

Install in your ArmA/Addons folder (not recommended).

Remember that you need to install the @SIX_Tracers too.

Known bugs:
I used sickboy's tracers, I modified them (textures and config), but I'm not really sure how to add them without replacing the originals, so these will have to replace the originals for them to work correctly. Its kind of experimental, so don't expect much.

Tracers addon done by sickboy
Muzzle flashes done by skaven
All weapon or vehicle models, textures and sounds copyrighted LucasArts Ltd.
Player textures done by me.


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