Spiel: Armed Assault
Autor: Fromz, Sickboy, Maddmatt
Website: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311
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Aktuelle Version

Feeling ArmA Melioration Mod v1.53P by Fromz

Eine Soundmodifikation der besonderen Art. Ein absolutes Muss für jeden ArmA-Fan! Ein Video zur Demonstration ist weiter unten zu finden.
This mod is a meliorate modification for the military combat simulation game Armed Assault, Released start Version 1.3. For see the effects of this mod, download the sightworthy arma movie created by fromz.

NEW Version FFAMM 1.53P (for ArmA >1.09 - 1.14)




In \@FROMZ\AddOns\ folder - ffamm1.5 base files

extended_eventhandlers.pbo 8.62 KB (8,832 bytes)

fromz_ffamm.pbo 72.0 KB (73,748 bytes)

fromz_sounds.pbo 59.5 MB (62,475,378 bytes)

six_blood.pbo 40.2 KB (41,261 bytes)

six_misc.pbo 33.7 KB (34,561 bytes)

six_tracers.pbo 138 KB (141,728 bytes)


This mod gather and edit acoustical effect all based on real weapons' sounds, and rework in sound configs. Namely Fromz Sounds;
Based on “SIX_Tracers” by Sickboy (sb_at_6thSense.eu), rework the scrips, models and textures, meliorate on bullet tracers effect;
Based on “Matt_ArmAEffects” by Maddmatt, amend a little of the mod's effect elements, such as textures and particles;
About the "Fromz Sounds", If you need re-develop, please notice the author.

About the "SIX_Tracers" and "Matt_ArmAEffects", copyright and work harvest belong to Sickboy and Maddmatt, If the authors has any objection, Plaese contact fromz@163.com, I will dispose that as soon as possibile.If the users of FFAMM1.3 don't like the rework verion of SIX_Tracers and Matt_ArmAEffects, please download the original verions, and delete the .pbo files in ffamm addons folder.

FFAMM v1.41 Perfect Version Updated...
Features, Installation & Video


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