Spiel: Armed Assault
Autor: TonyRanger
Website: http://bbs.samren.cn/
Nexus Mod:
Download: soon


Download Files:

-FFN MOD v0.75 BETA by TonyRanger
-FFN MOD v0.81 BETA by TonyRanger
-FFN MOD v0.82 BETA by TonyRanger

New and better Config for FFN Mod

-FFN Config Replacement v1.3 by William1


This mod features new effects, scripts, AI enhancements and game features added to several missions. This version contains 3 demo missions showing AI combat ability in woods, CQB, and Mercenary new MP mode.

FFN Means Fight For Nogova,its a story about several mercenaries who come form Nogova. They earn money in order to rebuild Nogova (something big happened to Nogova in 2002, but it's another story).
Here's a short list of new stuff, read the readme for more information about it.
  • More realistic AI engage range
  • Dodge from danger
  • Single use M136 launcher
  • Smoke shell screen
  • MachineGunner uses suppressing fire tactic
  • Suppressing fire effect on AI and player
  • New wound system, bleeding and unconsciousness
  • Engineers can repair vehicles (if they have tools), deactivate mines and reuse them, build sandbags
  • Spec Op can use flash, and tear gaz grenades with effects on player and AI
  • New CQB AI
  • Officer can call artillery and create foxholes
  • New artillery system
  • Morale system
  • Specialized units are skilled only in their duty


The Mercenary Mode is more like multi-player campagin as a Role-Play-Game,there will be many RPG features in this mode,and also realisc style combat missions,join a mercenary group and select your mission,the test Mission 3 will show a part of it.

The Tactical Mode will bring more battlefiled feeling to ArmA,it's Player VS Player mode,both side will start with one Company's force,inculed 1 Company leader and 9 Squad leader,unlike CTI mode,no resource,but you need to capture checkpoint for bring reinforcement and hold some important point to bring advantage.I'll release it in later Version

FFN config replacement // New version 1.3 - XEH compatible

to install, put "TR_OBJ.PBO" and "FFN_RELACEMENT" in a Mod/Addons folder of your choice. (extended eventhandlers by Solus & Killwitch


to make it compatible with @ECS mod you have to put @ECS mod before @FFN mod in the loading order , something like this:

Code "...\Armed Assault\beta\arma.exe" -mod=beta;DBE1;@ECS;@FFN;@NWD;@..


TonyRanger , for his excellent minimod.
Sickboy & Killwitch for the tips for making it XEH compatible ;)
BIS , for his excellent game.
William1, replacement config.

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