International Conflict
Name: International Conflict
Spiel: Armed Assault
Autor: [IC]Wedge
Nexus Mod:
Download: soon


IC ArmA Modifikation Version 1.41

IC ArmA Modifikation Version 1.41 steht zum Download bereit. Diese Mod hat einiges im Petto, Fahrzeuge, Einheiten, Maps und vieles mehr.

Achtung: Das File ist im 7.z Format gepackt, kann aber mit WinRAR entpackt werden.
The IC-ArmA Mod

Step One:

Please remove the Old IC-ArmA Mod from your system.

Step Two:

Download the selected mod files and other approved mods from the links on the right.

Step Three:

Use 7Zip To extract the ICArmaMod from the .7z file. Place this in your ArmA Directory

Step Four:

The Folder Contains 2 Desktop Shortcuts.One being The 505 Version and The other the Atari.Copy and Paste the Appropriate one to your Desktop

The Desktop Shortcuts are designed for an default install
-i.e. "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\Arma\Arma.exe"

If your program is installed else where,change the Hard Drive letter and directory paths in the Target and Start in boxes appropriately.

The new version will be hosted here and any updates, patches, betas will also be available here.

Additional Information:

Accepted external mods include:
FDF sound mod 1.2 and up
MaddMatt's Arma Effects 0.6 and up
SAP_Everon 1.0

We only use signed files, so the version must be signed in order to work.

MadMatt's effects, together with FDF sounds are not mandatory to play on Battleday. You can have those in separate folders or in the same folder with the rest (ICAmaMod). Just make sure the pbos and their signatures are in the correct Addons folder (ICArmaMod\Addons).

Example Setup for desktop shortcut:
C:\Program Files\ArmA\arma.exe -nosplash -world=empty -mod=@ICArmAMod;@FDF1.3;@ArmAEffects;@SAP
Another Example:
"C:\Program Files\Atari\ArmA\arma.exe" -nosplash -window -mod=@ICArmAMod

4 folders for each addon:
@ICArmaMod (Some may wish to add the @ in front of the folder name, for identification purposes.)
@FDF1.3 (Some may wish to rename the default installation folder (FDF_sounds) to @FDF1.3 manually because they want everything neat and clean, and i also have the older FDF 1.2 and the 1.09 version FDF (1.31) in the arma folder)
@ArmaEffects (renamed for the same reasons as above)
@SAP (default installation folder)

Every single folder used in the above example has it's own "Addons" folder (ie: \@FDF1.3\Addons) where the pbos are placed.

-nosplash: Tells ARMA not to show the splash screen when starting arma
-world=empty: Tells ARMA not to load any islands at start, in the main menu screen (the default one is Rahmadi). This will make your game start faster .
-window: Windowed mode

ICArmAMod 1.4 is the current release (required)
MaddMatt's is the approved visual enhancement (optional)
FDF Sounds is the approved audio enhancment (optional)


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