Name: SLX Mod
Spiel: Armed Assault
Autor: Solus
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SLX Mod wurde nun von Solus zum Download freigegeben. Diewse Mod verändert so gut wie alles in ArmA, angefangen von Animationen, über neue Effekte bis hin zum veränderten Gameplay.
SLX Mod - Compatible with ArmA 1.1 beta

The mod makes many changes to the gameplay of ArmA. Vehicles, weapons, ammo, animations, particles, and much more are changed.

General Features:

-Changed wounding
-Changed vehicle armor
-Stronger front armor on tanks, weak rear engine armor
-Extended fields of view
-Global Group Link 3 effects and SLX Wounds
-More dynamic AI skill settings
-No automatic explosion when vehicles are destroyed
-More AT weapons in ammo crates and vehicles
-Most armor uses CAVS Common Armor Value System settings:

-More and faster movement modes and smoother changes between them
-More aim shaking
-More stamina effects
-Separate rifle and MG reloading speeds
-Slower rifle, MG, and AT reloads
-Outstretched arm for grenade aiming
-Fast AT weapon to prone move
-Harder for AI's to see prone people
-Faster swimming with less stamina loss
-Crouched running

-Extended fields of view for basic sights
-Changed ballistics, weapons, and damage settings
-More recoil
-Ejected casing effect
-Pistol caliber casings
-Fast grenade throwing
-Fast disposable AT launcher reload
-Removed rifle crosshairs
-Removed rifle tracers
-Magazines loaded with tracer rounds for squad leaders
-Optional binocular and laser designator optics
-Working javelin launcher loaded model with fast reload
-Most AT weapons use CAVS Common Armor Value System settings

-Many new and changed effects
-More affected by wind
-Explosion effects: fire/dust ball, dust skirt, smoke column, shock wave and dust

-More affected by wind
-Customizable settings

-Safety weapon action
-Removed reload icon
-More intuitive action priorities

Along with many other small changes. Please read the change logs for more information.

Please read the readme files for more information on included addons/parts.

Main config features:

Changed AI difficulties to make AI seem more human.
Removed all crosshairs except for grenades.

Some ammo is more audible and visible to AI when fired.
Explosives don't get less powerful based on speed.
Some ammo types fly for a longer time.
Bullets are cheaper so AIs will shoot more.
Flares last longer.

Changed recoils.
Changed default AI rate of fire and distance and probabilities to use fire modes at.
Changed AI dispersions.
Lens flares off by default.
Changed default fields of view. You can fit the FOV to the size of your monitor to make things look their actual size, or fit the FOV to your peripheral vision, or leave it at your binocular vision FOV.
Changed default zero.
Made pistols less likely to be selected by AIs.

Tweaked all animations to have better interpolations.
Tweaked many animation speeds to be faster and seem closer to what people might move like with a lot of adrenaline.
Changed actions to be more intuitive.
Made all stances have slow, fast, and sprint modes in all directions where possible.
Changed stamina.
Added lying and standing with AT launchers.* (also uses sprint forward/back to change stances)
Made rifle and pistol run/jog with raised weapon. AIs will sometimes lower their rifle while running.
Added lowered rifle crouch.
Made lowered rifle stances have full range of motion so you can move around with the rifle pointed down all the time.
Made finger off trigger on animations where they are not aiming and ready to fire.
Added pistol holstering.
Made people able to lie down on steep surfaces.*
Tweaked turning speeds for all stances.
Changed blending so most of the upper body moves to aim.
Made most reloading take longer.
Added longer machine gun reloading.
Enabled civil crouch mode.*
Enabled moving and stance changes with binoculars.*
More death animation variations.
Tweaked idle animations to work correctly.
Leaning while throwing grenades.

*Animation notes:
Some stances use the evasive forward action and lower weapon action to control them. It is recommended that you assign these to 2x your normal forward and back. For example, 2x forward assigned to evasive forward and 2x back to lower weapon.

Cloudlets and effects:
Many effects use new textures.
Grenade smoke/dust, a small explosion sometimes, with a quick flash.
Bullet/kinetic impact dust, some dust lingers for a while, dust and dirt fly up from hitting the ground, chips fly off when hitting objects, impacts are standarized and the size is based on the power of the impact(damage and speed).
Flesh hit effect, a small entry hole and vapor trail, a few blood droplets fly out onto the ground.
Tracers hit with sparks.
Explosions have a fire/dust ball, dust skirt, dust plume, smoke column, and send out a shock wave and kick up dust.
Explosions are standardized with the same effects that scale to the size of the explosion.
Rocket engines have a burning trail with a thick dark smoke that turns lighter.
Missiles have a thin smoke that can be seen through for controllable missiles.
Building collapse dust stays longer.
Vehicle track dust, larger and stays longer. The size, linger time, color, etc are based on vehicle size, speed, and terrain.
Tank track dust is wider and larger.
Boat wake trails spread out across the water and stay longer.
Rotor wash is more lag friendly.
Tank shock dust stays around longer and is lighter and more lag friendly.
Thinner, lighter, longer lasting gun smoke.
Faster tank muzzle flash.

Changed some namesounds.
More time before checking to return to formation so AIs have time to do things.
No radar screens by default.
Can see weapons on people in vehicles.
Extended fields of view and head limits. You can look over your shoulder, fit the FOV to the size of your monitor to make things look their actual size, or fit the FOV to your peripheral vision, or leave it at your binocular vision FOV.
Changed default threat levels.
People's shadows can be seen when they are in vehicles.
Slower default turret turn speeds.
Changed default destruct type so vehicles don't automatically explode.
Changed default armor values. Damage to sections won't affect the total armor as much so each section of a vehilce can be damaged and destroyed without destroying a vehicle. Tank tracks can be damaged to stop them. Muzzles and turrets can be damaged and disabled more easilty. Tank engines can be shot to disable them. Vehicles get darker from damage.
Fixed front left car wheel dust/tire effect position.
Cars can turn better like in OFP.
Cars and motorcycles lose less speed on rough terrain.
Changed some ammo displays.
Changed some precision settings so vehicles can reach waypoints easier.
Changed default tank sounds and optics.
AI tanks have a larger spotting range and can see better (due to optics).
AIs spend less time on one target so they can change target quickly if one appears nearby.
People can take more damage while still being wounded.
Base types are easier to identify. People are easier to identify as people. Aircraft are easier to identify as aircraft.
Helicopters have a larger formation so they don't crash into each other as easily.
Tweaked default inside sound dampening on all vehicle types.
Aircraft are more easily heard and spotted.
AI aircraft have a larger spotting range and can see better (due to optics and high altitude and better vision).
Helicopters have stronger armor so the aren't destroyed so easily.
Helicopters can think faster to avoid collisions.
Parachute sounds are tweaked.
Planes have more lift.
Planes have heavy gun smoke.
AI infantry won't try to target flying planes to try to shoot the pilots.
Boats have a climbing get in action and jump out get out action.
Static cannons can have shock dust.
Static guns don't force the optics.

Have an over the shoulder 3rd person camera.
Slightly less audible.
AIs should crouch and go prone more often in combat mode. They will try to stay low to avoid getting shot.
Can survive more shots while still getting disabled easily.
Can aim straight up and down.
Can turn to the side more in free aim.
Can turn all the way to the side while looking through optics and trying to free look, AIs can turn to the side to shoot and look like they are strafing/sidestepping.

Runway lights don't explode anymore.
Fixed arma.rpt errors.
Brighter street lights.
Louder insects.
Camp fire light is brighter.
Many changed, added, and fixed radio words.
Removed MP "gun smoke" effect.
Changed radar display.
Changed actions to be more intuitive and remove icons.
Enabled safety weapon action.
Changed facial expressions and chances for different behavior modes.
Changed map screen objects layout.
Changed team assign menu.
Added move to direction radio command.
More radio voice variations.

Addon features:

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