Vietnam - The Experience
Name: Vietnam - The Experience
Spiel: Armed Assault
Autor: Snake Man
Nexus Mod:
Download: soon


Vietnam - The Experience by Snake Man

Eine Modifikation rund um den Vietnam Krieg. Bitte beachtet, dass die eine sehr frühe Alpha Version ist und noch einige Fehler beinhaltet. Eine zweite Version ist jetzt zum Download bereit, mit wesentlich mehr Umfang und noch vielem mehr.

This is the Vietnam: The Experience pre Alpha 11-23-07 release, it is our third release for ArmA. This release has been done after heavy multiplayer testing and several suggestions and requests from the players.

Pre alpha means that this is very early version and work in progress. Usually the release cycles go from alpha to beta to release candidate into the final release. This release is still incomplete but the earlier versions have been proven on Multiplayer to be very enjoyable, this release should enhance the MP even more. We just want to warn anyone who is interested to not get their hopes up, VTE team is not in the business to overhyping their work. This version includes several 3d models that are placeholders; ie they do not work, they are meant to be just placed in missions so when we eventually fix them they are already in.

  • There are no normal or specular maps.
  • Only three new soldier models.
  • No missions or campaigns (except on our dedicated server).
  • No shadows on ported objects.
  • A "few" errors on arma.RPT file...



Future plans
We have alot of work to do, all of the models need to be reworked, textures done, terrains... configs... oh boy, dont get me started, anyone care to help? Hehe. I'm looking forward to working for the NAM stuff, it will be great.

Please join to PMC Tactical (VTE) dedicated server to test MP with this release, the more testing and bug reports we have, the better we can develop this further. Read details of the addons etc in PMC Tactical (VTE) dedicated server ADDONS topic. Hope to see you all on the server.

If you create missions with this release, be prepared to overhaul them completely in the future when we release next version, we guarantee you that classnames and stuff will change to break your missions. However the soldier classnames are now set, I would not think they will get changed, but nothing can be promised at this moment. Be prepared to expect bugs and broken things in this release.


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