Dead Space 2 All Weapons Mod
Name: Dead Space 2 All Weapons Mod
Spiel: Dead Space 2
Autor: BangBangPewPew
Nexus Mod:
Download: soon


Diese Modifikation, welche aus zwei unterschiedlichen Speicher-Dateien besteht, enthält alle im Spiel verfügbaren Waffen und Anzüge. Weitere Einzelheiten zu Anwendung und Installation findet ihr in der Beschreibung.
[slot 1 save]
this save starts off at the first store with the hand cannon already equipped, since it's the first time you have access to any weapons in the game. With this save, I save you the trouble of having to sit through the early movies and cutscenes and you can get right into the action. It will save you about a half an hour. This save includes an automatic 144 nodes and 1 million in credits (you're rich b*tch!).

[slot 19 save]
I have also included the original cleared hardcore save game just in case you DO want to start from the beginning for some odd reason. The original save file does not include extra nodes or money, but does of course include everything else. You can start a game of any level of difficulty on NewGame+ with this save.

How to Use:

1. Unrar
2. place the save file(s) in: Documents -> EA Games -> Dead Space 2


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