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Flashback Games
Flashback Games is an independent video game developer, with primary focus on turn-based strategies.
Our goal is to create games which are highly approachable and fun to play, and at the same time offer lots of depth. This design philosophy can be expressed by the classic formula: “easy to play, hard to master”.

Just as in the golden age of video gaming, good gameplay remains our top priority. But we are committed to quality, and polish every single aspect of our games until they meet expectations of our players and give them an all-around great experience. We are passionate about what we are doing and treat each of our games as a little work of art.

Flashback Games began as a one-man quest to revive Panzer General experience on modern hardware for modern audiences. In 2009 I released PG Forever, a fan remake of this classic game. It was a hobby project and a work of love, and when it reached version 1.0, the news about it spread over the Internet. 15 years after original PG, people were playing it once again and enjoying its simple-yet-deep gameplay formula which was as good as ever.

In 2010 I took the plunge to become a full time game developer. Together with The Lordz Games Studio and publisher Slitherine we set out to bring PG Forever project to the next level. I was responsible for game design and code, and The Lordz provided all artwork. Our enthusiastic team, with the help of hundreds of fans, improved and significantly expanded every single aspect of the game. The result of these efforts was Panzer Corps which released in 2011 and was an instant success. Of all similar games released over the years, fan community at large accepted Panzer Corps as the spiritual heir to Panzer General legacy. Flashback Games studio was founded shortly after.

My collaboration with The Lordz Games Studio continued for many years. Together we released countless expansions for Panzer Corps, and another major title – Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon (2014), a long-awaited new turn-based strategy set in Warhammer 40,000 universe. We were quite a team, and I would like to thank Tim van der Moer and all the other fine folks at The Lordz for a beautiful partnership and friendship.

2016 was another turning point for Flashback Games. I felt that our team had grown enough to start making games fully on its own. Our new project, which is going to be our biggest and most ambitious yet, is Panzer Corps 2, a long-awaited sequel to Panzer Corps series. I hope that the players will enjoy playing it as much as we are enjoying creating it.

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