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GolemLabs has almost 15 years of experience developing one of a kind video games - the amazing kind! - on a multitude of styles and platforms. Our employees are passionate gamers (maybe a bit crazy, too), first and foremost, and together, we're producing games with enthusiasm and commitment.
GolemLabs was born out of our desire to never get bored at work. Almost 15 years later, much to the dismay of our spouses and our accountants, the desire is still going strong. And why not? With its mission of producing intelligent and one of a kind video games, the company helps filling the increasing need for novelty and originality in the industry.

Our company is located in the heart of downtown Sherbrooke, minutes away from internationally renowned Sherbrooke University, and seconds away from locally owned prized breweries. We're not kidding; the beer here is fatteningly unbelievable.

Offering all the conveniences of city life as well as the benefits of nearby countryside (cow fart smells thankfully not included), Sherbrooke offers its residents an exceptional quality of life, with a vast range of things to do all year long, Wether you're into sports, theatres, museums, outdoor activities, or simply cleaning up your belly button in front of the tv.

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