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Grip Games
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Grip Games
Grip Games is independent developer and publisher of games for
Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, WiiU, iOS, Android, PC
Founded in 2009, GRIP Digital s.r.o. is a privately owned developer and publisher of games for game consoles, PC and mobile phones, based in Prague, Czech Republic. We are using the trademark
"Grip Games".

Formed by professionals and enthusiasts with experience from AAA to casual mobile games, we develop creative and fun games. Among our most successful titles are Foosball 2012 for PlayStation3 and PlayStation®Vita and One Epic Game for PlayStationPortable and mobile platforms.

We also work with other studios and bring their games to the console platforms. Our ports of “The Impossible Game” and “MiniSquadron” are among the most popular and successful games on the PlayStationStore.

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