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Madruga Works
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Madruga Works
Madruga Works is an independent studio founded by Martiño Figueroa and Tucho Fernández.
Martiño Figueroa – Design and Programming
A veteran of the games industry, he worked at EA/Criterion Games as AI and game programmer on several titles including Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010), Burnout Paradise and Black. He was also the programmer and one of the creators of Glest, the free open source RTS. Later on he co-founded and directed JFDP Labs, where he helped create the mobile apps Paper Camera, Paper Artist and Camera 2. He came up with the idea for the Planetbase game and did the coding for it.

Tucho Fernandez – Art
An experienced game artist, he worked for companies such as Grin Studios and Ubisoft, as well as a freelancer. He has more than 20 released titles under his belt, including AAAs, like F.E.A.R.3 or Risen 2. He was also the main person behind the art, and one of the creators of Glest the free open source RTS. He is responsible for most the art content on Planebase, from art direction to asset creation.

Sara Teramo – UI Art
Master Designer and Artist born in Italy, schooled between Milan, Berlin and New York, and currently based in London. Her experience spreads from product and graphic design to UX design and illustration. She created the UI and logo art you see in the game. She thinks you can save humanity’s future pressing the right buttons ;).

Alexander Falinski – Sound and Music
Ukrainian freelance composer and sound designer with more than 30 released game projects in his portfolio. The most popular games with his music and sounds are: Cut the Rope, Tap the Frog, Feed Me Oil 2 and Duck Destroyer.

Denny Lindberg – Character Animation
A self taught artist who started in the modding community. He has previously worked on commercial projects like Mortal Online in Sweden and Deadlight in Spain. He is currently employed at Empire Studios in Bahrain, working on their first released title Guardians of Valor. Just like in his previous projects, he is responsible for the character rigging and animation for Planetbase.

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