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Most Wanted Entertainment is a leading Hungarian game developer studio dedicated to creating games that appeal to a broad audience on all platforms. Founded by industry veterans back in 2005, Most Wanted has completed more than 20 titles since its inception, including Joint Task Force (PC, Sierra, 2006), Mystery Tales - Time Travel (Nintendo DS, Foreign Media Games, 2009), Mechanic Master (Nintendo DS, Midway Games, 2008), Ghostbusters (mobile phones, Vivendi Games Mobile, 2008), or the best mobile casual game of 2006: Magnetic Joe (Nintendo DS, iPhone, mobile phones).
The strategy of the studio, which currently employs 30 talented and experienced developers (and work together with another 8-10 permanent subcontractors), is based on two main pillars:
Offering full development service for publishers and developers on console, handheld and PC platforms.

Most Wanted offers a full development service on console, handheld and PC platforms at a very competitive rate. Our highly competent teams cover all aspects of development including art, animation, design, audio and QA. We have developed a strong set of proprietary tools and engine technology over the years, which – combined with the strong capabilities our people have – guarantee the timely delivery of the projects at the highest quality.
Developing games based on our own IP

Most Wanted Entertainment is a licensed developer on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and iPhone platforms.

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