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Saber Interactive
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Saber Interactive

Saber Interactive is an interactive media company based out of the New York metropolitan area. The company specializes in the production of 3D games for next generation consoles and the PC. We have extensive expertise in developing high-quality art and technology for video games.
Members of our team have produced code and artistic assets for some of the most recognizable games in the industry. Our objective is to create cutting-edge, fun games by taking advantage of the latest findings in 3d graphics technology.

Saber currently has development offices in Millburn, New Jersey and St. Petersburg, Russia. Our management, design and R&D team is located in U.S., while our artists and game programmers work out of our St. Petersburg office. This structure allows us to take advantage of reduced development expenses and a tremendous Russian talent pool while maintaining solid management in the U.S. Our management team has years of experience managing game and software projects and understands the specifics of game production. All of the members of our management team in U.S. are bilingual.


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