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Snowbird Game Studios
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Snowbird Game Studios
Snowbird Game Studios is the evolved business concept based on the experience of running Snowball (local publishing) and Snowberry (international production). In one line, it's a developer-friendly production house and publisher with considerable business and marketing expertise.
Snowbird Game Studios was founded in 2011 in Moscow, Russia by the former employees of Snowball Interactive and Snowberry Connection. Aside from the steady affection for the names with ‘snow’ in them, these people are well-known for their zealous devotion to anything related to PC games. It all began with the sleepless nights spent over Doom and Heroes of Might & Magic, and continued with the decision to start a development company to produce the games of our own.

Thus, Snowball Interactive was founded in 1996, becoming one of the oldest games companies in Russia and CIS. Since that time, more than 350 games for PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox360, PSP and Nintendo DS were published by the company. The product range of the company very broad, from the epic AAA-blockbusters like Mass Effect to the small indie masterpieces such as Machinarium, from the hardcore grand strategy of Europa Universalis to the games based on Pixar cartoons.

The independent production foundation Snowberry Connection became a second incarnation of the same idea. Its purpose, to provide financial and production support to young and talented indie developers. Among the games developed with the help of Snowberry were such titles as the stunning horror Penumbra: Black Plague, the wacky adventure Gobliiins 4, the wargame Combat Mission: Afghanistan and the action-RPG Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword. Under its children imprint troll.ru (created 5 years before the song of Eduard Khil was all over the internet), the company launched a series of titles for the young players, including Winx Club™ videogames and other licensed products based on popular local IPs.

Possessing a great expertise in publishing, localizing and marketing, the team, however, is constantly growing, learning new stuff and reaching for the new horizons.

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