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Streko Graphics
Streko-Graphics is a Vancouver-based company developing videogames aimed at the PC and next-generation consoles. The company began development in September 2001 with a highly talented team and a passion for creating adventure/role-playing games with an immersive storyline and high quality artistry. Current videogame development includes a wide range of genres, including platform, action and adventure titles.

The company has been involved in the delivery of six titles, including Streko-Graphics’ Aura I: Fate of the Ages and Aura II: The Sacred Rings, Dead Reefs, The Jolly Adventures of Jimmy and Mocko and as a third-party developer for content in two Agatha Christie titles ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ and ‘And Then They Were None’. Current development is focussed upon the titles aimed at the PC and next generation consoles. The company’s passion is to create a high-quality gaming experience for an audience that is looking for adventure.

Streko-Graphics has an international team of artists, animators, 3D designers, software developers and sound engineers. This team provides a highly polished product on according to a well managed schedule with the latest gaming engines and media production techniques.

We would be glad to receive suggestions from publishers about our future products and financing our projects.

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