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Started in 2011 and officially founded in 2013, this is Twirlbound. We practice the fine art of creating games, an amazing and growing medium. Our aim is to deliver pretty, well-working products of entertainment, with a sincere layer of depth.
This is Twirlbound, a game development studio based in Breda, The Netherlands. We create pretty, well-working products of entertainment, while aiming for a sincere layer of depth.

Twirlbound was founded on August 6, 2013. Before that, Marc and Matthijs (the two founders) had spent 3 years developing websites and games, knowing that that would be their future.

During their four-year game development course, Marc and Matthijs met their first new companion: Timo, who was going to take care of art. When the three commenced on Pine around May 2015, three more aspiring game developers were asked to the team: Martin, Lukas and Pascal. In March 2018, Ilia joined forces after having worked on large open world franchises, to take Pine's questing and open world design to the next level.

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