Name: RealRTCW
Spiel: Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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RealRTCW 2.21 brings some realism to the classic Wolfenstein game.
  • Based on ioRTCW engine, which provides widescreen support, better sounds and x64 support
  • New weapons: TT33, MP34, PPSH, Mosin Nagant, M1 Garand, BAR, MP44, MG42, G43, M97, Revolver
  • New models for the vanilla weapons, including world models
  • Rebalanced weapons characteristics
  • Rebalanced AI
  • Overhauled sounds
  • New HUD and UI
  • New difficulty system
  • And more!

What's new?

- Overhauled difficulty system to satisfy both new and experienced players. Your maximum health and ammo capacity depends on the difficulty level. Enemies accuracy,health and reaction time depends on it as well. In vanilla game all this stuff was the same for every difficulty level.

It looks something like this now:

Easy - Full health, increased ammo capacity, increased pickups values, low AI accuracy, low AI health

Medium - Full health, standard ammo capacity, standard pickups values, medium AI accuracy, medium AI health

Hard - 3/4 health, lowered ammo capacity, low pickups values, increased AI accuracy, medium AI health

Death Incarnate - 1/2 health, low ammo capacity, low pickups values, insane AI accuracy, increased AI health

Also some balance tweaks were done:

Pistols fire rate increased
G43 and M1_Garand damage increased
Sprint speed increased
MP40 fire rate decreased
PPSH fire rate increased
MP34 mag increased to 32, fire rate increased
FG42 zoom increased
Mauser rifle damage decreased for AI
AI cant do headshot on player now
Armor protection value slightly increased
Gib health increased to avoid silly gibbing

- Reworked UI. Old interface was fine, but not very comfortable. Me and AidenDemon did some tweaks to make it shine. Loadscreen were redone from scratch by AidenDemon. UI is fully compatible with both widescreens and 4:3 ratios.

- New weapon textures

As I mentioned before, I was able to get in touch with professional texture artist. I asked him to improve some of the RealRTCW weapon textures. Some of them were simply upscaled and improved, and some of them were done from scratch. Here is some screenshots:

- Renderer2 is fully compatible with RealRTCW now. You can use new iortcw renderer with RealRTCW. All crashes were fixed. All screenshots were taken with the new renderer. Renderer specific CVARS were added in the main menu.

- New Brass effect ported from Enemy Territory. Shells vectors were changed, shells ground impact sounds added.

- New weapons - reworked M97 Shotgun and Revolver. M97 got a new model and custom set of animations to fit the unique reloading mechanic.

Readme RealRTCW


WolfETPlayer - creator
MAN-AT-ARMS - ioRTCW 1.51 engine (RealRTCW 2.1)
Knightmare - Unofficial 1.42d patch (RealRTCW 2.0 and 1.0)
Hellbaron89 - textures,shaders,models,sprites
KemoN - textures
Eugeny - Code,textures
AidenDemon - Models,textures,UI
Depro777 - Mosin,TT33 models
Noquarter mod team - MP34, BAR models
Splash Damage - M1 Garand, MG42 models
TITEUF-85 - Models, testing
OSJC - sleeves skins
Alexandre - Models
Chaos Mod -Models,animations
deanbk90 - Models
Day Of Infamy - Sound assets
Call of Duty 1 - Models
Gradusnik - Code, 2D art
Kirill Sorokin - Weapon textures
Web Clan - Textures,support
Bud Byrd - Code
ryven - Code
V00id - Code
Yo$hik - Models,testing
Black Ops 3, Wolfenstein 2009, Call Of Duty 2, Doom 3, Day Of Infamy, World At War - various sounds
ReduxRTCW mod - amazing uniform skins

Special Thanks to AidenDemon, Eugeny, Ronboy, TITEUF-85, Hellbaron89, Timostahl02 and amazing RTCW mod community.

///////////////////////RealRTCW 2.21///////////////////////

New features:
cg_fixedaspectfov CVAR added
Various engine limits increased

Bug Fixes:
Flamethrower volume decreased
Luger silencer placement fixed

Player sprint duration doubled
Ammount of stamina taken by jumping decreased
Bunny hop value slightly increased to avoid silly first person effect
Pistols and SMGs spread decreased
Elite guards moving speed slightly increased
Undead enemies moving speed slightly increased

sv_cheats set to 0 by default
Weapon damage CVARS are now cheat protected
Various weapon screen position changed
No gloves hand skin removed due to its ugliness

///////////////////////RealRTCW 2.2///////////////////////

New features:
Revolver added
New difficulty system: max health and ammo capacity depends on difficulty level. 4 .ai files now
Separate damage for player/AI (ported from 1.42d)
New eject brass effect ported from ET. Shell fall sounds added
New FG42 model ported from Call of Duty
New Sten model with custom animations
New Shotgun model with custom animations and unique reloading procedure
Added custom mod icon,folder name in my documents
Dynamic flamethrower lights
New foot/hand skin system by Eugeny
New thompson texture/model & reload sound
Default cg_fixedaspect is set to widescreen value
All weapon sounds were slightly bass boosted
Rebalanced AI. Generally aim_accuracy decreased
IoRTCW specific cvars added to the main menu
Credits menu added
P38 removed
UI Overhaul with 4:3 support
New loadscreens by AidenDemon
New HQ weapon textures: Luger, Colt, Sten, BAR, M1 Garand, G43, Revolver, MG42, MP34, Panzerfaust, PPSH.

Pistols fire rate increased
G43 and M1_Garand damage increased
Sprint speed increased
MP40 fire rate decreased
PPSH fire rate increased
MP34 mag increased to 32, fire rate increased
FG42 zoom increased
Mauser rifle damage decreased for AI
AI cant do headshot on player now
Armor protection value slightly increased
Gib health increased to avoid silly gibbing

Bug fixes:
Vsync hotfix implemented
Rend2 crashes caused by new weapon models
AI is not affected by the weapons weight now
tag_brass fixed for all weapons
Background color of all menus is less transparent black now to better see white letters
Thompson left hand fixed

Known bugs:
Phantom dynamite icon
Muzzleflash is not working on akimbo colts
Silencer attach/dettach small anim bug
Shotgun kick bug

///////////////////////RealRTCW 2.1///////////////////////

-Upgraded to the new engine - iortcw 1.51! Widescreen support, improved sound quality.
For the full features list visit
-New weapon - M97 shotgun with unique ammo type
-New weapon - P38 pistol
-HD textures pack updated
-New main menu screen
-Audio overhaul:
Firearms sounds replaced with the sounds from the Day of Infamy
Every weapon has it's unique echo sound now
New reloading sounds for BAR,MP44,FG42,Thompson
New ambient sounds
New footsteps sounds
-New Axis uniforms(Redux mod)
-Added shaders for the new weapons to make it look better
-New font
-Altered HUD
-World models updated for: mauser rifle(including sniper variant),thompson,luger,mp40,fg42,m1garand
-New thompson model
-New luger model
-New colt model
-Bipods removed from BAR and MG42M
-Weapons balancing:
Thompson spread decreased
Pistols damage increased
MG42m spread increased. Damage decreased. Headshots restricted
PPSH spray decreased.Damage increased
G43 and M1garand damage increased. Spread decreased
Flamethrower range increased
Tesla range increased
Venom damage increased
-Default com_hunkmegs increased from 128 to 256
-Added Ultra settings for some perfomance options
-Elite guards attack shouts added
-And more (I probably forgot something lmao)

///////////////////////RealRTCW 2.0///////////////////////

RealRTCW 2.0 Changelog:
New Weapons: TT-33,MP-34,PPSH-41,G-43,M1-Garand,Mosin Nagant,BAR,Mobile MG-42
New types of ammo: ttammo(PPSH and TT),barammo(BAR and M1 Garand),mosin ammo
New world models:mp44 ammo,ttammo, barammo, mosinammo
Movement speed reduced: with SMGs and rifles by 10%, with pistols/grenades by 5%. Heavy Weapons remains at 25%.
Tesla Gun skin updated
Panzerfaust skin updated
Snooper Rifle skin updated
FG-42 skin updated FG-42 sound was updated
Arm/foot skin updated
Loading splash screen updated with RealRTCW logo
Unknown map loading screen updated with RealRTCW logo
Further weapon damage,spread,recoil,range, max ammo, pickup ammo balancing
Further AI balancing
Main menu bug fixes
AI files is updated with new weaponry
AI files bug fixes
Default com_hunkmegs is increased to 128, com_zonemegs is increased to 64, com_soundmegs is increased to 160.

///////////////////////RealRTCW 1.0///////////////////////

RealRTCW 1.0 Changelog:
New Weapon: MP-44 with unique ammo type.
New 44 khz sounds for weapons and some misc sounds.Also new main menu theme.
Overhauled main and in-game menus.
Overhauled loading screens.
New Weapon Skins(pack of the best models\skins made by RTCW Community).
Strafe Jumping (Bunny hop) was removed.
All heavy weapons are now decrease player movement speed by 25%.

Rebalanced AI:
HP of all nazies reduced.
Soldiers: average shooting skills. More mauser rifle soldiers, less mp40 soldiers.In late game soldiers use mp44.
Officers: excellent shooting skills.
Zombies: more HP, skulls charge time decreased, increased melee damage, faster moving speed, fov changed to 360.
Zombie Warriors:more HP, increased melee damage, faster moving speed, fov changed to 360.
Elite Guards: excellent shooting skills. All Elite Guards are now using mp40 or silenced lugers. Increased running speed.
Boss1(Olaric-Helga): more HP, increased melee damage, more ghosts.Ghosts charging time reduced.
Blackguards:excelllent shooting skills.
Proto soldier:Increased HP.
Boss2(Uber Soldat):Increased HP.
Lopers:Increased HP.
Heinrich:Decreased reaction time, increased sword attack range, increased stomp damage. Decreased raise dead cooldown, increased running speed.

Rebalanced Weapons:
Kick-damage reduced.
Luger-unchanged.Silencer luger decreased spread.
Colt- decreased clip capacity to 7.
MP40-unchanged. Increased maximum 9mm ammo capacity to 320.
Thompson - increased rate of fire,decreased damage. Increased spread.
Sten - decreased heat time. Decreased damage.
Mauser Rifle - increased damage, decreased rate of fire. Increased maximum ammo capacity to 300. Clip capacity decreased to 5.
Snooper Rifle - unchanged.
FG-42 - accuracy decreased, rate of fire increased. Damage decreased. Scoped rate of fire decreased.
MP-44- medium damage, medium rate of fire. 180 ammo capacity.
Grenades and dynamite - greatly increased blast radius. Maximum capacity for grenades - 8. For dynamite - 3.
Panzerfaust - increased blast radius.
Venom - increased spread.
Flamethrower - increased range, increased damage. Ammo capactiy changed to 200.
Tesla Gun - increased range, increased damage. Ammo capacity changed to 100.

Health and ammo pickups were rebalanced.Easy difficulty levels were almost untouched. However "Death Incarnate" difficulty become really challenging.

Installation RealRTCW

I) How to install this mod?

1. You need to own legit RTCW copy. This mod is working perfectly with Steam and GOG versions. If you have CD version you need to patch it to the latest 1.41 version.

2. Download core mod archive and unzip it somewhere.

3. Copy "z_realrtcw.pk3" file into your "Main" RTCW directory. This is core mod content file.

4.Choose either x64 or x86 executables and dlls. Copy content of "x86" or "x64" folder into your root rtcw folder.

This is how your folders should look like:

RTCW "Main" folder:

5. Launch the game from either "RealRTCW.x86.exe" or "RealRTCW.x86_64.exe".

6. Enjoy!

II) Help! I got strange error "BG_Index x for string: unknown token 'tt33: (models/players/bj2/wolfanim.script, line 9)".

You launcing wrong .exe (WolfSP.exe). Launch mod from its own RealRTCW exe file.
III) Resolution is looking stretched. FOV is too close. Game is in windowed mode.

Launch the game, go to "Options"------> "System" ------>"Graphics". After that set your resolution to Auto, it will automatically set your Native resolution.

Also you need to set "Fixed aspect" option to either widescreen or 4:3 depending on your aspect ratio. Widescreen is set by default.

If your game is launching in windowed mode simply set "Fullscreen" to yes.
IV) When I pickup grenades I have dynamite icon, but I can't select it.

I am aware of this phantom dynamite icon bug. Just ignore it.
V) "Copy Console log to clipboard" crash on startup.

Something wrong with your RTCW version - its either not legit or not patched. If error still persists try to uninstall everything related to RTCW and install it again.

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