Map - Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Name: Airport
Spiel: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Autor: Marko
Download: soon


An allies spy plane was shot as it discovered a hidden Axis military airport. It had important
war documents in it. Intelligence suspects Axis forces to have recovered the War Documents
and to have stored them in the airport administration building. Allies therefore have to
get the documents back and transmit them in order to avoid loosing them defientely and also
destroy the airport V2 launch beacon and control tower equipment so that axis forces can't use
the airport equipement anymore. The airport being hidden in the middle of the mountains, access is
very difficult. Fortunately, a breach in the airport water filtering system has been opened.....
1. Destroy/Defend the V2 Launch Beacon
2. Destroy/Defend the Control Tower Equipment
3. Destroy/Defend the Administration building door
4. Steal the War Documents
5. Transmit the Documents from the Water Treatment building radio
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