Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Mod - The Dark Army: Uprising
Name: The Dark Army: Uprising
Spiel: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
GameTyp: Singleplayer
Autor: Dark Matter Productions (William Faure)


Ready to defy darkness? Deathshead is back to unleash the power of the philosopher's stone through his new super soldiers - will B.J. Blazkowicz survive?
Single-player Return to Castle Wolfenstein expansion. Powered by RealRTCW 3.1. Voices and texts in English. RTCW + RealRTCW required.

The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered is an enhanced version of the famous Return to Castle Wolfenstein mod The Dark Army: Uprising, the first part of an unofficial yet solid continuation to the classic games of the Wolfenstein series. The Dark Army as a whole is aiming to bridge the gap with the latest Wolfenstein games, which are set in an alternate timeline – hence the story of this mod taking place between the events of Wolfenstein (2009) and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, made by different studios.
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Release:21.11.2001 Genre: Ego-Shooter Entwickler: id Software Vertrieb: Activision Engine: id Tech 3 Kopierschutz:keine Infos Franchise: Wolfenstein
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