Geralt's Companion Wolf
Name: Geralt's Companion Wolf
Spiel: The Witcher
Autor: Corylea
Nexus Mod:
Download: soon


Die Modifikation "Geralt's Companion Wolf" stellt dem Held des Rollenspiels "Geralt" einem weißen Wolf zur Seite. Jener begleitet den Held überall hin und greift sogar dessen Feinde an.
Morgwin asked if Geralt could have a pet. I wasn't so sure that this would work with who Geralt is, but then E-ahmet suggested a white wolf. Oooh. That might be fun.

So, I've made one. This wolf will spawn in most outdoor areas and a few indoor ones, but it won't go everywhere with you. It stays outside when you go into houses. (I mean really, how many householders allow wolves in the door? :-) ) It won't go some places until certain things happen; for example, it will spawn in Triss's house at the start of Chapter 3, but it's not good with stairs, so it won't go downstairs with you, which means that it won't go out the door into the Trade Quarter with you. BUT, if you go to the Temple Quarter via the gate, then go back to the Trade Quarter, also via the gate, then the wolf will be outside in the Trade Quarter with you.

In general, when you go to a new place, you should stand still for 3 - 4 seconds to allow your wolf to catch up with you.

This mod is hosted here, since 493K exceeds the allowed upload on the forum.

To get this mod to work, download the folder above, unzip the folder, and put all of the files it contains into your Override folder. If you don't have an Override folder, then you'll need to make one. The Override folder does NOT go into the Witcher folder where your saved games are; it goes in the Witcher folder where the game data is. This is The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data; in XP, the complete path is C:\Program Files\The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data\Override

Thanks to J_Slash for the def_arealoaded.ncs script.

Since this mod uses that script, it won't work with J_Slash's excellent Stuff that makes Geralt's life easier mod. If you're using that one and want this one, too, let me know, and I can make a version that has both together.

I wasn't completely sure what to name the wolf. I mean, a man who calls his horse "Roach" could very well name a wolf "Flea" or "Chigger" or something. :-) I finally decided to simply call it "Geralt's Wolf," and if you want to rename it, you can.

How to rename the wolf: You can call your wolf anything from "Wolfgang" to "Sugar Lumps," provided that you have Djinni installed. To rename your wolf, start Djinni. If the Resources Explorer is not open, open it by going to the menus at the top of Djinni. Go to View, then down to Utility Windows, then across to Resources Explorer.

The Resources Explorer will show you everything that's in your Data directory. Go to the Override folder, then to ck_wolf.utc. Double-click on that, and a box will pop up. The very first line in the box says "First Name." Type anything you want in there, then save it, and that will be the name of your wolf.

Oh, and E-ahmet, I tried an "overgrown" wolf, as you suggested, and the poor thing got stuck lots of places. The walk meshes -- especially in Vizima -- simply aren't geared for a really BIG wolf. So I reduced the scale to the usual size for wolves, and that made it able to go a lot more places. Sorry I couldn't make it as big as you wanted!

Have fun!


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