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Burda:ic GmbH is a company of Burda Digital GmbH and a 100% subsidiary of the Media Group Hubert Burda Media.
Burda:ic publishes and operates PC online games in EMEA and the Americas. Started in 2003 with its first MMOG European Ragnarok Online from the Korean Developer GRAVITY, Burda:ic in summer 2009 announced the expansion of their game portfolio to 9 games and targets a registered user base of close to 5,000,000 unique users to their games and communities by year end 2009. Dynamically growing at a very high growth rate, Burda:ic expects to be among the largest players for client based PC Online Games in the Western world. Besides time-based subscription as business model, Burda:ic also systematically develops and very successfully establishes the business model of free-to-play games with virtual item sales. With its philosophy of high quality game titles and a support and service comparable to any pay-to-play offer in the market, Burda:ic has generated an excellent reputation in the market, both with their licensing partners as well as with their large user base.

With a team of currently 30 full-time employees and over 130 part-timers&freelancers, Burda:ic is continuously looking for motivated new talents to complete the team in various areas from IT, to marketing, support and project management. In line with that, Burda:ic actively searches for further exciting game titles and welcomes applications from developers for their review and feedback.


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