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Mastertronic is a company that has been fortunate enough to partner with some of the world's greatest creators of games - from Revolution Software to 2D Boy.
Established in 2004 from the coming together of two long-standing and respected games companies, the Mastertronic Group boasts over 30 years' combined games industry experience.

The first company, The Producers, was formed in 1988 with the goal of providing games clients with a full range of services. Sold Out was set up in 1997 and quickly built up an enviable portfolio of games from publishers looking to monetise their back catalogues.

Our heritage might date back to the year Microsoft released Windows 2.1, but more recent years have seen the company partnering with the likes of Red Octane for Guitar Hero and 2D Boy for World of Goo, as part of our new Great Indie Games label.

We pride ourselves not only on our broad and lengthy history as an independent publisher, but on delivering simple and honest solutions to our partners.

Games are what we're about, and our reputation has been built on the successful launches of hundreds of those games.

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