• Agarest: Generations of War 2: Erstes Bildmaterial aus dem Japano-Rollenspiel
  • Agarest: Generations of War 2: Erstes Bildmaterial aus dem Japano-Rollenspiel
  • Agarest: Generations of War 2: Erstes Bildmaterial aus dem Japano-Rollenspiel
  • Agarest: Generations of War 2: Erstes Bildmaterial aus dem Japano-Rollenspiel
  • Agarest: Generations of War 2: Erstes Bildmaterial aus dem Japano-Rollenspiel
  • Agarest: Generations of War 2: Erstes Bildmaterial aus dem Japano-Rollenspiel


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  • Plattform: PC Release: 30.08.2012 Steam DB
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Über das Spiel

Agarest ist von einem gleißenden Licht verwüstet worden, das schreckliche Zerstörungen verursacht hat. Vom Zentralkontinent ist nichts mehr zu hören und Dämonen verbreiten sich wie eine Plage in der gesamten Welt.

Ein junger Mann erfährt, dass er einen Gott ermordet hat und zum „Gefäß“ werden muss, in dem die Macht des getöteten Gottes gespeichert werden soll, bis er und seine Nachfahren für seine Sünden bezahlen können ...

Agarest ist von einem gleißenden Licht verwüstet worden, das schreckliche Zerstörungen verursacht hat. Vom Zentralkontinent ist nichts mehr zu hören und Dämonen verbreiten sich wie eine Plage in der gesamten Welt.
Ein junger Mann erfährt, dass er einen Gott ermordet hat und zum "Gefäß" werden muss, in dem die Macht des getöteten Gottes gespeichert werden soll, bis er und seine Nachfahren für seine Sünden bezahlen können ...


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Steam Nutzer-Reviews

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61 Reviews
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Verfasst: 28.02.15 22:39
Story: ★★★★✰
Gameplay: ★★★★★
Soundtrack: ★★★★★(+★)
Spielperformance: ★★★★✰

Definitiv das bessere Agarest, wenn man mal das Original nimmt. Sei es von der Story oder vom Gameplay her. Es ist einfach besser. Die unnötigen beiden Generationen aus dem Original wurden hier zurecht wegrationalisiert.

Was negatives geblieben ist: Ohne Guide kriegt man im Leben nicht das True Ending zu sehen. Das normale Ende.. fühlt sich einfach falsch an.
Aber eins muss man dem Spiel lassen. Entscheidet man sich nach dem Standard Ende zum New Game+ und folgt dann einem True Ending Guide, kriegt man wirklich zu 50-60% eine andere Story geboten. Und das Ende ist einfach mal 100% anders.
Hätte man auch einfach so einbauen können, ohne grinden und exakt Guides befolgen, aber die Entwickler wollten einem ja auch was bieten.

Wer auf Grindfeste, kryptische Japanostories und J-Music steht, der muss sich das umbedingt holen.

Die Bosstracks bleiben definitiv auch nach dem durchspielen im Gedächtnis.







311 Produkte im Account
5 Reviews
4978 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 19.02.15 18:56
Agarest: Generations of War 2 is the third instalment in the series and makes some fresh changes compared to the previous titles.

For people new to the series, it has rather heavy focus on storyline and character events so you can expect to go through a lot of dialogue. On the other side you also get increasingly challenging fights and multitude of
ways to strengthen your party members as the game goes on.

From the previous games it retains the datingsim/marriage system where the player ends up controlling and developing not just the main character, but later his son and even grandson.
As a welcome change though this game has revamped game mechanics, which make the turn based combat a lot more fast-paced and fluid.
This time the active party size is limited to 4 people and there's no need to move characters on the battlefield as they will be in a formation set by the leader.

-Ridiculous story!?
-Unique main characters
-Fast-paced fights
-Overkilling bosses
-Dozen of different ways to power up your characters
-Dungeon maps
-Character designs

-Worldmap with random battles
-Budget assets
-Mid game puts the main story in the backburner
-Combat gets spammy towards the end..
-Over the top fanservice and minigames

Recommended for anyone who likes rpg games and don't mind going through lots of dialogue.
If you tried the previous games but found their game mechanics too cumbersome, then Agarest: Generations of War 2 has that fixed for you.
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9108 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 19.02.15 18:23
DefinItely for the hardcore niche. If you enjoyed gameplay in titles such as Xenogears this game is for you. The story leaves some to be desired but the addicting gameplay in terms of control layout makes for a type of JRPG that hasn't been seen in a while. Turn based with button designated moves like Y for upwards attacks, A for downwards, X for Paralyze and B for ranged it keeps the turned based mechanic feeling fluent and fun through a somewhat recognizable outing. I give it a 8.5 based on the re-introduction of what made old-school niche RPG's fun and the fearless attempt at completely changing a gameplay layout from its prior successor. Although a lot different from Agarest 1 and Zero in terms of gameplay it makes for my personal most enjoyable entry into the series and could see this adaptation of mechanics extending its lifespan of the Record of Agarest War series to become one of the most favored in the genre in a long time in the niche market to come, Also Runs in 1080p/60fps.

317 Produkte im Account
27 Reviews
969 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 20.02.15 01:03
All I have to say is wow, did they make this game a lot more fun than the first one in the series. Cutscenes blend both hybrid-CG art and dynamic 2d sprite events, a big step up from the much more traditional route the 1st game had. Even more important is the gameplay; they made combat MUCH better in my opinion. It's similar to Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth where emphasis is on chaining combos at a fast pace (still has a strategy grid as well, so it's a blend of real-time sRPG), instead of the dreadfully slow sRPG style from its predacessor. It definitely feels more engaged and doesn't make combat feel like a chore anymore.

It's a huge step in the right direction. If you enjoyed the dating sim aspect of the first one but couldn't get into the combat, I highly recommend this sequel as it improves drastically over the tedious nature of the first game, it's actually fun to play.
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107 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
1382 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 06.04.15 14:58
The game in and of itself is fairly fun. As the third entry (or so) in the series, the game's battle system has been much improved. The game is a grindy rpg with romance elements and a highly scalable and complex battle system that revolves around customizable characters (e.g. no fixed classes).

The problem that prevents me from recommending the game is the high price of the DLC and the altered/removed content. When I play a game, I like to know that I have a chance at least to see all of the content that the game has to offer. I probably won't have the opportunity to play through more than once, so it is important for me to feel like I am getting the full experience. As you can find detailed elsewhere, certain content from the original game is not in this steam PC version.

Additionally, the absurdly high price of the DLC is a problem. The DLC items help reduce the highly grindy nature of the game and make it a more bearable experience for people whose available gaming time may not be what it once was. The DLC would be fairly priced at $1-3 per pack, not where it is at the time of this review ~$8 per pack. Purchasing all of the DLC would actually cost more than the original game.
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25 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
7719 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 16.05.16 19:10
Having played all the agarest games on both PS3 and PC I do have to say that I love all of them. This game was a change but the gameplay is nice.

The only reason I wouldn't recommend this to people over the PS3 version is that it is censored. The puritanical bullshit in recent years despite the world collectively becoming more mature is ridiculous.

Companies need to learn that censorship in any form is wrong.
139 Produkte im Account
8 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
4676 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 11.05.20 22:26
Cannot recommend the Steam version. It is incomplete. The language has been censored and scenes completely removed. The combat system has very little to do with the first two games and is closer to the ABS of newer Final Fantasy games, than the turn-based strategic approach of Agarest Genrrations of War and Agarest Zero. The story is even more simplified than Agarest Zero and the choices are a bit more obvious. Replayability is much lower, and Ellis has been almost completely removed from the game, as if being a DLC wasn't bad enough. If you like Agarest games and you are here for the next one, this isn't it. Ghostlight completely butchered Idea Facotry's product and Idea Factory didn't make an Agarest game... hard to know who is to blame for this mess, but trying to please everyone, this pleases no one. Me, I cannot recommend people buy a reduced product. We aren't lesser people simply because we don't live in Japan, and thus we deserve the full game in it's original form.
2417 Produkte im Account
9 Reviews
130 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 16.08.20 03:20
Pretty fun game. Not sure what else to say.
1840 Produkte im Account
4 Reviews
110 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26.06.20 22:53
Game is fun but a bit repetitive in the battles. At least the DLC's help speed them up. Story is pretty bland but slightly amusing at spots. Overall an average RPG.
62 Produkte im Account
6 Reviews
2877 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 15.11.20 18:14
8 Years Later... This game ages somewhat decently. If any of you is ever considering this game and the other installments of this series, I totally recommend them. These types of games back in the day were great JRPGs during the 360/PS3 days. There may be Final Fantasy and other notable games, but this stood out as one of those games with a relationship system, having descendants and diverse abilities.
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143 Reviews
4325 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 31.01.21 20:35
Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh! Killing demons!
That’s what you’ll be doing a lot of: killing demons. Then, you’ll be killing gods. … I’m not going to lie, killing gods is a lot of work.

• Intricate battle system. Some have complained that it’s complicated. I don’t find it to be complicated; it’s easy to learn. You don’t have to use all the various skills the game puts out there, if it’s overwhelming to you. The game wants you to strategize despite it no longer being a true strategy RPG like the first game. If you don’t like thinking out your moves in battle, then this game isn’t for you.
• Three generations. Three marriages. Two offspring.
o Three women to choose from in 1st and 2nd generation, then five to choose from for the 3rd.
o Who the protagonist marries affects stats, weapon use, and appearance of the offspring. Going to the alchemy shop in the game shows the player a preview of what the next gen protagonist will be like.
• Is it “grindy”? Yes, very. In fact, there is an achievement for doing 1,000 battles. Even if you play on easy mode, the bosses can be challenging, so leveling your party members is required.
• Is it difficult to get the true ending? There are a lot of missable events, so it’s easy to f*ck up the true ending if you’re not closely following a walkthrough. There are many walkthroughs for this game by this point, as the game is several years old.
• Extremely frustrating mini-game. Most of the people who’ve played this game hate the mini-game that can be used to boost the affection levels of the romanceable characters. The mini-game is not required to achieve the true ending. If you follow a good walkthrough, the mini-game is completely avoidable and you can max out the affection levels of the women entirely through dialogue choices and triggering events.
• Yes, the western version of the game is altered. … Because pedophilia is f*cking gross. In the original Japanese version, Fiona is sexualized while she’s still a little girl. Like, an actual little girl. A child. It isn’t until the 3rd generation that she becomes fully an adult (because that’s how high elves age, apparently). Instead of being glad that the ESRB didn’t allow that sh*t, there are actually people complaining about it. Wow, I dunno about you all, but complaining that you can’t sexualize a little girl seems an awful lot like you’re a damn pedophile. If you’re a pedo and need gross hentai to keep you from actually harming real-life children, wtfe, but keep that sh*t out of mainstream games.

• No way to check progress on those 1,000 battles. At the time I wrote this review, I was at the end of the game and completely finished with it other than the Kill-o-Battle achievement. Battle after battle after battle … where does it end? Am I close? Should I just say “f*ck it” and not perfect the game? Ugh!
• A few typos here and there. That’s inexcusable when you’re a AAA company with plenty of resources to hire people to proofread.
• Gross CGs. I know that’s more of a personal taste, but like … there’s also such a thing as bad taste. Like the other games, the CGs are catered to the most basic cis/hetero men.
• Heavily overused Japanese clichés.
• Plot holes and convoluted story.
• Extremely dislikeable 2nd gen protagonist who, at one point, makes r@pe threats. He’s all talk, but still, that’s uncalled for.
• No dark-skinned characters whatsoever. This game has a lot of characters too. Dark elves? Not dark. Other unique races to Agarest’s world? Not dark. At this point, it’s blatantly obvious that it was a conscious choice to not put in any dark-skinned characters. Laziness at best, racism at worst.
• The game crashes for absolutely no reason occasionally.

Good Stuff
• While I did say that the story is convoluted, it is still interesting. Far more interesting than the story in Mariage. For the most part, it has a very serious tone with occasional humor (or attempted humor). Which makes the ecchi stuff all the more contrasting when it occurs.
• Beautiful CGs. Most of them are good, despite the few gross ones.
• Methodical, addictive gameplay … for those who like this sort of gameplay.
• Side romances between Jainus & Chloe, then Ignis & Cynthia. (Required for the true ending, btw.)
• Decent plot twist. It genuinely surprised me.
• Despite not keeping track of how many battles you’ve done, it at least tells you how many of each enemy you’ve fought. This is useful for commissions at the Hunter’s Guild, as many of them ask for certain amounts of enemies slain.
• Fun weapon, armor, and accessory crafting.

Why am I recommending it? Honestly, if Steam allowed neutral reviews, this would be one. However, if you like JRPGs with complex, turn-based battles and anime tiddies, then go for it. Though, you might get frustrated if you try to obtain all the achievements.
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9584 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 09.07.21 09:30
Boring gameplay and terrible plot. Also, so many missables and obscure checks that you should follow a guide to the dot or else it ends up being a giant disappointment. Actually, you should really just return the game if you bought it because you're probably never going to beat it.
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