Alchemist's Awakening

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Community Announcements Update 1.11 : XP system and more Hello, A new update was released today, bringing some new features suggested by the community. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11713749/ba9e0c16ff8eb712c4b4b162a30e20676c073839.jpg New XP and Level system When you beat a monster, discover a new place or complete a quest, you'll now gain some XP. If you get enoug... 20.12.19 02:50
Community Announcements Update 1.1 - Implementing ideas from the community Hello, A new version was released today, focusing on suggestions from players in the Steam discussions. Houses and loot A wider variety of house can now be encountered in the worl... 29.06.19 01:59
Community Announcements Update 1.0d: new use for Wind and more Hello, A patch was released today, focusing on suggestions from players in the Steam discussions. Wind When you have the Flying Wind element in hand, press space to slowly levitat... 13.06.19 05:00
Community Announcements v1.0c Patch information Hello, A small patch was released today, here is the changelog: - fixed a bug where the altars where you must place Orbs could be accidentally destroyed. If for some reason, you can't complete the main quest because of issues with the six orbs, please report it on the forum. - small quantities of me... 06.06.19 19:57
Community Announcements Version 1.0 Release Information Version 1.0 of Alchemist's Awekening is now available! We appreciate your support and love for Alchemist's Awekening since the first alpha versions. After a few months of developm... 03.06.19 22:33
Alchemist's Awakening


Release03.06.2019 GenreOpen-World-Actionadventure Entwickler Osaris Games Publisherkeine Infos Enginekeine Infos
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